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Arashk Band Members

Shahram Khosraviani (Drums)

He started playing drums on 1981 and has been active during 1984~1987 with Kurosh Movahhed & Shahram Nabizadeh in the underground musical community of Tehran -the days which represented the darkest days in Iranian musical culture. In 2000 he established Arashk along with Pooyan Khajavi.

He is the man who knows 80s and 90s music style as fine as the new millennium's.


Mapex Pro M

Toms: 8", 10", 12", 13", 16"
Cymbals: Paiste 1502; Crash 16"; Power Crash 16"; Ride 20"; China 18"; Splash 10"; China-Splash 12"
Heads: Remo pinstripe
Pedals: Janus Double Pedals


Band Members

Pouyan Khajavi
Guitar, Basses, Vocals

Salim Ghazi Saeedi
Guitars, Keyboards

Shahram Khosraviani


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