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Arashk Band Members

Salim Ghazi Saeedi (Guitars and Keyboards)

Born in 1981, he joined Arashk in 2004. He is the composer, guitar player and an experimental Keyboard player and have done the mastering job for Arashk releases. In Arashk Band, he has composed three albums Abrahadabra, Sovereign and Ustuqus-al-Uss and has played rhythm guitar and some guitar and bass solos in the album Yell. Since 2010, he has started working on a solo project. In 2010 he released Iconophobic album. (for more info visit www.salimworld.com)

His main influences include Jeff Beck, Charlie Clouser (former keyboardist of Nine Inch Nails), Marty Friedman and Tool. He also enjoys listening to Chet Atkins, NIrvana, Megadeth, The Prodigy, and of course Duke Ellington!

As the taste varies widely, so his musical style varies wildly! "The reason why I compose music is that I can not find any published music satisfying 100% of my expectations... Even in listening to my favorite songs I usually listen to some special parts of them." Salim quotes.

"Almost all of my songs have a story behind them. Usually a special situation dominates and it implies as a melody line or rhythmic phrase... I immediately record that part and listen to it over and over. I always refer to my intuition and seek the rest of the unfinished song within my inner ear. Trust your intuition - however eccentric it may represent - and it works the magic out!"

Side Projects

Sound and Music mix/edit for theater plays: Amid the Clouds, Recent Experiments [Directed by: Amir Reza Koohestani] for MehrTheater Group.

Official Website: www.salimworld.com


Band Members

Pouyan Khajavi
Guitar, Basses, Vocals

Salim Ghazi Saeedi
Guitars, Keyboards

Shahram Khosraviani


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