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Yell (2008) Press Release

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CONTACT: Salim Ghazi Saeedi
Iran - Tehran

A YELL against Iranian hard "rock wall"

A hard "rock wall" exists against rock music in Iran. What could be the reaction of a hard rocker against such wall? A knock? No. Arashk guys chose to YELL!

YELL album songs range from hard rock to heavy metal and progressive rock but there is one unifying theme: Centuries of pain and hope looking salvation in lyrics of great poets and music of bold young musicians who find nothing better expressing their spirit than heavy rock music. It gets back to 2001 when Pouyan Khajavi and Shahram Khosraviani established Arashk band and started their artistic expression, rock style... But it was not sooner than 7 years later when Arashk built a private studio and recorded the album themselves.

The Persian lyrics convey various themes from an innocent prisoner (song "Prison", lyrics: Masud Sa'd Salman) to story of Zahhak, evil mythical emperor of Persia who fed the black serpents on his shoulders with youth human brains (song "Yell", lyrics: Ferdowsi).

YELL album has Pouyan Khajavi on vocals/guitars, Shahram Khosraviani on drums arrangement and Salim Ghazi Saeedi on guitars and keyboards. The bass parts are also played by Pouyan. In YELL you find rich melodic riffs and solos of hard rock accompanied by the creative spirit prevalent in progressive rock and an eastern blend evoking deep emotions refreshing your soul by rich Persian spirit!

Generally categorized as Persian hard rock, YELL album composers, Pouyan and Shahram think that the album's style has formed spontaneously: "The compositions were intended to reflect the inherent soul within poems themselves. And it is surprising that how these poems were excellently blended with hard rock and metal styles.". Pouyan says. "So one may not find any paradox between singing in Persian and western music style at all." The YELL spirit confirms that despite the ancient style of the poems (mostly versified about 700 years ago), their concepts could still be applicable and even more present in today life!

YELL album is available for streaming in full length at Arashk's website www.arashkband.com . Arashk band is now looking for opportunities to continue their music career outside Iran.

Track Listing:
1. Falcons of the Sky
2. Prison
3. Mourning Scents
4. Hur Mazda
5. Yell
6. No Leaves Garden
7. War Against War
8. Groanings
9. Last Song



Full album available for streaming: http://www.arashkband.com/album-Yell.htm
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: http://www.arashkband.com

Arashk Biography

Making original hard rock and metal mingled with ancient Persian culture in Iran is a bold act. But Pouyan Khajavai and Shahram Khosraviani started this in 2001 by establishing Arashk band.
They had no support or chance for media coverage in Iran except few concerts in universities. After Salim Ghazi Saeedi joined the band in 2004, Arashk band underwent two main projects: From 2006-2008 three "instrumental progressive rock/metal albums" released composed by Salim including Abrahadabra (2006), Sovereign (2007) and Ustuqus-al-Uss (2008) and in 2008 Arashk released the album YELL (2008) as a "Persian hard rock with vocals album" composed by Pouyan and Shahram.

Arashk members are eastern minded guys who enjoy western music and try to have their own interpretation of hard/progressive rock. Their goal is not to blend or even reconcile eastern and western music which are ill-advisedly considered detached; but to insist on the evident fact that creativity in music is not culturally bounded.

The album YELL released in 2008 - recorded in a private studio Arashk members built themselves - is a hard-rock/metal album incorporating Persian vocals with mostly classic poems; reconciling epic poetry with contemporary heavy rock. Ustuqus-al-Uss (2008) being compared to "Arabian Nights in rock music format" (Ragazzi, Jun 2011) combines elements of progressive metal, jazz-fusion and Persian music. Sovereign (2007), containing the most eastern flavor among other Arashk albums is based on Ferdowsi's Epic of Kings, and is a "story of a jester inside an epic of Persian kings" (Psyche Music, Nov 2011) . Abrahadabra (2006), is the first attempt by Salim to depict his idea of "pictorial rock" and called by Gnosis2000 website, "the Ultima Thule of instrumental progressive metal".

The band went inactive in 2008 since having no chance for concerts inside Iran. Meanwhile Salim Ghazi Saeedi started pursuing his solo project. For more information and sound samples visit Arashk band's website at www.arashkband.com



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