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Archived News

Sep 2011 Lo Scrittore Progressivo's retrospective on Abrahadabra, Sovereign & Ustuqusl-al-Uss
ProgNaut's Review on Ustuqus-al-Uss
Jun 2011 Gnosis2000 review on Ustuqus-al-Uss album
Jun 2011 Ustuqus-al-Uss and Sovereign albums' review at Ragazzi webzine [in German]
10 May 2011 Listen to YELL album in full at Arashk's Reverbnation page.
22 Sep 2010 Salim recorded a "revisited" video edition of the song "Ustuqus-al-Uss-al-Avvalin-val-Akharin". Watch it here.
 4 May 2010 Progarchives.com's interview with Arashk
 5 Jun 2009 Progarchives.com's review on Ustuqus-al-Uss by Windhawk
24 Oct 2008 The 4th album, Yell is now for sale. International Delivery.
25 Jul 2008 The 3rd album, Ustuqus-al-Uss is now for sale. International Delivery.
11 May 2008 Gnosis2000.net,  Richard Poulin's Review on Abrahadabra, May 2008
 1 May 2008 Upcoming 4th album changed name from "Roar" to "Yell". Two songs to this album also changed names: Hawk->Falcons of the Sky & Roar->Yell.
21 April 2008 Songs "Artemis" and "Yell" participated in TAMF (TehranAvenue Music Festival 2008).
 4 Feb 2008 Progressor.net 's Review on Abrahadabra

 4 Jan 2008

Arashk Productions, Arashk's dedicated studio opened.
30 Jul 2007 The album, Sovereign is now for sale. International Delivery.
21 Jun 2007 Three songs from the Album "Yell" added: Falcon, War Against War & Yell. The song "Falcon" is available for full download.
 1 May 2007

Abrahadabra album is now available in CD Format through CDBABY. International Delivery.

 2 Apr 2007 The Album Sovereign re-recorded and re-mastered. Some names changed and one new song "Throne Accession" added. Check Sovereign page for new demo sounds.
 9 Feb 2007

Arashk, as a featured artist on Stave magazine. Read the article.

19 Jan 2007 BBC "7th night" radio program interview with Arashk
10 Jan 2007 The album Abrahadabra is on sale.

 6 Aug 2006 

Farsi Section activated.

16 Apr 2006 

One night concert in "Shahid Beheshti" university. Check concert page for pics.

15 Apr 2006 

The song "Route" will be played on Radioshow "PSYCHE VAN HET FOLK" on 29 April.

 5 Mar 2006

The Radioshow "PSYCHE VAN HET FOLK" has reviewed the album "Abrahadabra" (by: Gerald Van Waes). Check it here.

24 Dec 2005 

Salim Ghazi Saeedi interviewed by Radio Free Europe Persian Section, The program "Music 21"  for the song Sovereign (Fereydoon Shahriyar) which was participated in Tehran Avenue Music Contest. Listen to this interview here.



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